What style suits you best? There are many styles to choose from when you're going to lay a new floor

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Scandinavian design, New England style and rustic style are very popular today. All of these styles flirt with nature and invite both light and warmth into our homes. There is a lot in these styles that are reminiscent of each other, at the same time that you can obtain completely different impressions, depending on which style you choose.

Nature is an important aspect

Regardless of which of these three interior décor styles you choose, nature is an important element. Wood is a material making a comeback and is used a great deal. Wood floors are a must for all of these styles. In Scandinavian design, the wood floors should preferably be light or white. If you're seeking a New England design, the floor can be either white or dark. The wood planks should be full length and extend over the entire room area – and they should preferably be wide planks. For the rustic look, the floor should be rustic and may gladly have blemishes and feel untreated. Here, you should invest in a little rough floor that should also have full-length and broad floor planks.

For both the Scandinavian and New England styles, the walls should be light, preferably white. The rustic style should also have white walls – no wallpaper – but preferably walls with texture. Feel free to combine the white walls in the rustic style with exposed ceiling beams and exposed stone walls.

Play with textiles

Scandinavian design is also very sparse in terms of textiles. Light basic colors in subdued earthy tones like white, beige, moss green, light brown and light blue should be used. New England's textiles should also preferably be light at the same time that a key to the style is the combination of blue and white. Here, you can gladly adorn the room with pillows in white with wide blue stripes. The American star can also be included on pillows and textiles. Because you are looking for rustic furnishings, you shouldn't use printed patterns. Think patchwork, embroidery, hand-made blankets, burlap, linen and henequen instead. You can also gladly lay a beautiful cowhide on the floor or a sheepskin in the armchair.

The furniture that fits the style

Just because you have a rustic room, doesn't mean you have to have rustic furniture. You can definitely combine this style with modern furnishings – otherwise, it can easily look like a log cabin in the mountains instead of a modern home. If you want to elevate the rustic feeling, you can instead invest in an attractive stone fireplace.

Scandinavian furniture may of course be combined with Scandinavian design – and there is a lot to choose from. Beautiful and simple chairs of metal and leather, a comfortable Lamino easy chair to recline in or an attractive white sofa with a subdued rug.

With the New England interior décor, you can recline in a cane chair, a dark leather sofa or a large white sofa. Rest your head on a blue striped pillow. Black-and-white art is hanging on the wall and you can rest your feet on a natural coloured sisal mat.

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