What to consider when sanding a floor yourself

What to consider when sanding a floor yourself

Sanding a floor yourself can be very satisfying – if it goes well. Here are some pointers to increase your chances of a good end result.

You can hire a great variety of sanding machines. Tell the supplier what type of floor you have so that you get the right type. You can often also hire sanding machines in two different sizes: one for large floor surfaces, and a smaller one for corners and where the floor meets walls.

Start with coarse sandpaper and finish with fine sandpaper

Buy different grades of sandpaper. Before you start, check that no nails are sticking up from the floor, which could break the sanding machine.

A common error that many people make is to change to fine sandpaper too quickly. This means you have to sand more times than necessary, and it adds unnecessary cost since sandpaper is expensive. Coarser sandpaper is more effective and is best for sanding the floor until it is free of damage, scratches and any varnish, as well as for achieving a flat surface. When you have finished coarse sanding, switch to finer paper to remove the traces of sanding with the coarse paper, and sand using each paper until it no longer makes any difference – then it is time to switch to the next paper.

When sanding a floor yourself, always keep the machine moving

When you start sanding, remember to always keep the machine moving, otherwise there is a risk of making a deep mark where the machine is when it starts. The same actually applies at all times: always keep the machine moving when it is running; otherwise drum marks will quickly appear in the wood if you’re not careful. When you reach the wall, you need to lift the machine before turning it.


  • When hiring a sanding machine, tell the supplier what type of floor you have
  • Start with coarse sandpaper and sand the floor several times with finer paper
  • Always keep the sanding machine moving while sanding
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