White glazed floor – light, fresh Scandinavian style

White glazed floor light fresh scandinavian style=

The principles of Scandinavian design are “lightness and freshness”. Pale colours, natural materials, minimalistic form, open spaces and light wood varieties are often used.

As early as the 1930s, Scandinavian designers began working with this simple, practical and light style, and now Scandinavian style is known all over the world. Perhaps it was the dark winters that paved the way for this style, in an effort to bring in as much light as possible all year long. Scandinavian style even manages to emphasise the light during the dark winters.

White glazed flooring for extra light

To maximise light, Scandinavians like to make use of light floors and walls, and several types of Nordic wood are naturally light, such as ash, birch and oak. If you want your floor to be extra light, you can choose a white glazed floor.

Wood stain is a transparent colorant with less pigment than standard paint, which allows the wood’s natural grain to shine through, creating a beautiful, natural feel.

Make use of natural light

Furnish your room sparingly so that the floor can be seen, and make use of the natural light that enters the room. Opt for several small lamps rather than a large ceiling lamp to achieve more natural lighting. Functionality, aesthetics and ecology are the keywords.


  • Scandinavian design is light, minimalistic and fresh
  • White glazed floors create extra space in a room
  • Furnish sparingly and use natural light sources
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