Why should you choose a wood floor?

Why should you choose a wood floor

Wood is associated with comfort and warmth. It is a material that just gets more beautiful over time. The classical wood floor of oak has long been a flooring favorite. Thanks to the influence of Scandinavian design, even softer kinds of wood are becoming more popular.

Trendy with wood

"One of the most distinct trends right now is the wood trend we see everywhere. Wood furniture, wood floors, walls or other accessories create a harmonious feeling, that every chip and splinter tells a story," says Oke Nollet, Design Director at Pergo.

Wood flooring is undeniably a floor that works in every context, regardless of whether it's a manor-house or a small flat on a more modest scale. Besides creating experiences with colour and types of wood, you can work with the size of the planks. Make a small room larger with three-strip parquet or let the wood's natural shades take more space with one-strip parquet.

Light and dark wood floors

Deep and dramatic coffee tones create a luxurious and genuine image. Light, blond wood floors are very popular for anyone who wants to give their home a contemporary feel. The trend of dark espresso and light wood appears as if it will last many years to come.

Let the natural cosmetic defects show

When it comes to wood floors, it's not just the colour that affects the feeling the floor and room give. Today, it's modern for the cosmetic defects to be visible – to see the raw material and feel closer to nature. The floors should be seen as authentic both in look and feel.

Today, the old is also modern. Besides its natural tone, a wood floor should also tell a story and provide a feeling of recycled or vintage. Signs that the floor has been worn and aged can gladly show. Pergo has parquet with different brushing that brings out the wood plank's natural graining and growth rings. There is also a surface texture with random saw marks that shows off the craftsmanship and character of the plank. Everything to give the floor and, in turn, the room a genuine feel.

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