Wood flooring as an investment

Wood flooring investment

Are you thinking of selling? Then think about giving your floors an update!

Surveys by estate agents show that homes with wood floors sell faster than homes with other types of flooring, so spending money to replace worn floors may result in greater interest in your house and therefore be a good investment.

After a few decades in which practical vinyl flooring and soft fitted carpets drove wood flooring out of the market, wood has made a major comeback and wood flooring tops the new home wish list for many buyers. A US survey revealed that as many as 54% of potential homebuyers are willing to pay more for a home with wood floors.

If wood is too expensive but your floor is in desperate need of an update, there are many types of modern laminate and vinyl flooring that look exactly like wood and cost less. Both options are durable and hard-wearing and are definitely an improvement on old worn floors.

Kitchen and living room

If your only reason for replacing the floor is an impending sale, the two rooms that are extra important to spruce up are the kitchen and living room, which is where homeowners and their guests spend most of their time. Estate agent surveys show that these two rooms are the most important among potential buyers, so try to make them as attractive as possible before the sale.

Whichever you choose, a house with brand new wood floors has more wow factor for those coming to the viewing than one with fitted carpets or other worn floors.

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