Pergo FloorExplorer | Find out which floor is perfect for you

Flooring is the cornerstone of any interior. It is essential that you select a flooring style that reflects your taste and personality. Yet with so many flooring options available, making a decision is not as easy as it seems. That’s why we have introduced the FloorExplorer tool: in three simple steps, you will get an overview of the flooring and interior styles that complement your personality. Why not give it a try?
1 Step 1: Select a room
2 Step 2: choose a colour
3 Step 3: Define your style
Select one or more rooms below and discover the perfect flooring fit.
Bathroom floor
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Bedroom floor
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Children room floor
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Children's room
Dining room floor
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Dining room
Hallway floor
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Kitchen floor
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Living room floor
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Living room
Office floor
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