How to deal with a curved wall

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How to deal with a curved wall

Not all walls offer a nice, straight surface against which to lay flooring. But working with a curved wall is almost as easy.

What do you need?

  • Flat crowbar
  • Pen
  • Jigsaw
  • Chisel



If possible, you should place the boards so that they lie lengthwise in the direction of the curved wall. Then lay as much of your floor as possible using whole boards.


Place the next board on top of the last one you laid, so that they are lying exactly on top of each other lengthwise. Then take a small piece of surplus board and use it to measure. Place one side of the piece against the wall and put a pencil on the other side. Then drag the small piece along the curved wall, drawing a line that follows the wall exactly on the board you are going to lay, just one board width away.

Use a jigsaw to saw along the line. Next, click the sawn-off board into the floor and use a flat crowbar and hammer to tap it into place. The board will fit perfectly along the curved wall. If the curve is so great that you need more than one board to fill it, just follow the same procedure for the next row.

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