How to fix a rising floor


How to fix a rising floor

If your floor has risen it can be quite irritating, so it is best to sort it out immediately. It is easier than you think.

What do you need?

  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Multi-tool


Fluctuating levels of humidity in your house can cause the boards to swell or shrink. If you didn’t leave enough space between your floor and the wall, your floor may rise slightly. Although it is not always visible to the naked eye, you will be able to feel it because the floor will bend when you walk on it. It is like a bubble of air underneath the boards, but luckily this could easily be fixed.

Find out which of the rows is causing the floor to rise and then remove the skirting board from the wall at the end of that row. Do this carefully with a hammer and chisel. Make sure you do not damage the wallpaper or paint on the wall.


Behind the skirting board you will now see that one of the boards is right up against the wall and is under tension. Use a multi-tool to saw off a piece so that you once more have a sufficient gap between the board and the wall. Your floor should be nice and flat again. You can check this by dragging a surplus board across the floor to see if it lies flat.

When you have done this, glue the skirting board back into place and your floor will be as good as new again.

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