How to install wallbases or skirtings

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How to install wallbases or skirtings

Once you have finished laying the laminate floor, it is time to finish the job properly. Installing skirting boards produces an attractive end result and conceals any minor irregularities in the lengths of the boards against the walls.

What do you need?

  • Silicone caulking gun
  • Bevel tool
  • Hammer
  • Crosscut saw or handsaw with mitre box
  • Glue gun


You can now remove the spacers as they are no longer needed. This will leave a small gap between the boards and the wall, allowing the floor to swell slightly. If there is a risk that the floor will get wet often, such as in a kitchen or other room that requires frequent mopping, you need to waterproof this gap. This can be done easily by applying PE foam and then finishing off with silicone sealant. Smooth out the silicone, for example by running your thumb along the line you created.


The next thing to do when you start on the skirting boards is to measure the room and its angles. This is easy to do with a measuring tape and a bevel tool. Next, set the angle you measured on the circular saw and saw the skirting board accordingly. If the walls are at a standard 90 degree angle, the saw cut will be 45 degrees. However, since some houses have slightly crooked walls, you should always measure the angle before sawing. Take nothing for granted, especially if you are working with an old house. After all, you want the skirting boards to fit together perfectly.


One way to ensure that the angles match perfectly is to glue them together first before gluing them to the wall. This guarantees that the upper edges are level, even if the floor is slightly crooked. It gives a more attractive visual appearance. For tasks like this, it is best to use glue that sets quickly because you have to press the boards together by hand. Also, make sure to put protective sheeting underneath the area you are working on so that you do not get glue on your newly laid floor.


Once you have fitted the skirting boards together at an angle, apply glue to the back of the boards and press them against the wall. Remember that the glue dries fast, so try to work quickly without cutting corners. If you get glue on your hands, you can easily remove it with acetone.

If you have measured everything correctly, the skirting boards will fit the room perfectly and will create a neat finish to your work.

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