4 tips to help you decorate a long, narrow room
26 April 2016

Decorating a long, narrow room may seem difficult, but there are tricks you can use.

Choose the right floor for the room
01 December 2015

Choosing flooring isn't easy. There are many kinds of flooring to choose from and once you've chosen flooring, you have to decide what design you want. Nor does it get any easier knowing that the floor will be there for a long time.

Match the curtains with the floor and influence the character of the room
01 December 2015

Your choice of curtains can have both a positive and negative impact on the room. With the wrong curtains, the room can feel small, messy and outdated, while the right curtains can lift the entire room.

Match the wallpaper with the floor and influence the personality of the room
01 December 2015

When you renovate a whole room, there are always significantly more decisions to be made than what you first thought. Where should all of the outlets go, what floor should you choose, what mouldings do your want and how should you furnish it...