Choose the right floor for your guest bedroom

Being able to offer your overnight guests a nice place to sleep is never wrong. It can also be nice to not have to have the guest in your own bedroom or lying on the living room sofa.

Where the guest will be comfortable

In the guest bedroom, you can take the opportunity to splurge. If this room doesn't serve any other purpose, it's actually only your imagination that sets the limits. You should think about making it "impersonal". Avoid putting up pictures of your own family in that particular room and instead use more neutral artwork. The guest bedroom – it should be pleasant to stay at your place.

Give the guest bedroom a luxurious and fresh feeling with beautiful light curtains, a wonderful bedspread on the bed and a cosy sheepskin in the armchair. Lay beautiful parquet flooring that makes any room extra luxurious. If you have several windows, you can lay dark parquet flooring and create an attractive contrast with light walls and furniture. However, if it's a pretty dark room, you can add light with light flooring combined with light walls.

If you want to play with patterns or give the room an urban industrial look, you can invest in laminate flooring instead. For example, lay a laminate floor in grey concrete to get a cool style at the same time that the floor is still warm and pleasant to walk on. Combine the concrete floor with interior décor details in leather and metal and soften up the room's overall feel with attractive rugs and nice carpets.

Combine practical with inviting

For those who don't have a whole room available for the guest, a combination of an office and a guest bedroom may be a good alternative. In order for the room to feel nice, it's important that the work binders aren't out and in the way. Invest in a nice chest of drawers that fits all of the office items and an attractive bureau. Put in a sofa bed that offers a nice place to sit when taking a work break and is easy to pull out and make the bed when guests come. Lay a laminate floor that is strikingly similar to parquet in both look and feel with its beautiful wood motifs and surface treatments. Then you need not worry about the wheels on the chair rolling back and forth at the desk year after year or that the sofa bed will scratch the floor. Laminate flooring is also extra capable of withstanding the guests' baggage being rolled in and out of the room.