Choose the right floor for your playroom

Many parents dream of a house without toys in every nook and cranny. A life without legos digging into the soles of your feet on the way to get breakfast and without perilous wheeled traps like cars and trains. The solution to the problem is not entirely easy. But you can go far by introducing the concept of the playroom. The playroom can then follow your child up into his or her teenage years and be transformed into a game room and a room to "hang out" in.

Making something lasting is the challenge

For every year that goes, your children find new interests and get new "have to haves". First, it's mostly a matter of toys and games, then personal taste and opinions come into the picture. Ultimately, as a parent, you can't go into the room and are instead met by the kind instruction to keep out. At this stage, the room has a life of its own and you don't know when it was last cleaned or if it's ever been cleaned. The day you're standing there is the day you'll be thankful that you were thinking long term and sustainable.

Furnish for a bright future

Just like with the other rooms in the house, it may be smart to choose neutral colours that withstand the trends of time. Of course, white is simple and can match just about any furniture. The flooring can be light or dark – with the white walls, the room will feel spacious and airy regardless of the floor colour. Choose what fits the house's style.

If you're looking for a floor that is kind both to children who fall often and to tired feet, vinyl flooring is to be recommended. Vinyl flooring provides soft support and there are many attractive looks to choose from. Lay a vinyl floor that is strikingly like warm wood, black slate or urban concrete. Regardless of whichever alternative you choose, you get the same soft, warm feeling underfoot. Vinyl flooring is also excellent to combine with floor heating. It also dampens noise, which is practical for noisy childhood games and teenage music.

Rooms that stand the test of time

By using neutral colours for your floor and your walls, you get a room that stands the test of time. Use the loose furnishings instead to create a feeling of a fun playroom or a cosy film room. Once you can get into the room, vinyl floors are very easy to clean. They can withstand dropped drinks, scratches from toys and impacts from dropped computers. The computer probably also survives thanks to the softness of the vinyl. If a vinyl panel were to be subjected to excessive strains, it's also easy to fix the floor – you just need to replace the damaged plank.

Calm colours and preferably soft flooring make the bedroom cosy for both rest and play.

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