Choose the right floor for your ski lodge

The sun is burning bright in the clear-blue sky and is reflected in the blinding white snow. Alternatively: the sun is missing, an ice-cold mist spreads over the slope and your nose is almost frost burned.

Regardless of which, there is a strong contrast when you take off your goggles. The white stripe is glowing sharply against your hot or cold cheeks. Your feet ache, your legs are dead tired and now, the only thing missing is enjoying good food and drink and leaning back in a nice armchair.

Skier's paradise

The ski lodge is that fantastic base that all skier feel great to have. A place where they can eat their breakfast porridge in peace and quiet, take a nap after lunch and relax after a whole day on the slope. Regardless of whether you go with your family, friends or entirely on your own, it's a place for recuperation.

A ski lodge adapted to powder

What kind of ski lodge are you interested in? Should it be light like a good day on the slopes or rustic with wood beams and log walls for that real ski lodge look? Regardless of what you choose, it's good to think practically. How ever sad it may sound, you will thank yourself when you can reduce the maintenance on the lodge and instead spend those hours on the slopes.

The floor will be subjected to strains – no doubt about it. Snow under shoes, boots coming in the house. Ski tips and poles hitting the floor. The children suddenly drag in their sled, and the snow that was so pretty on the slope is now like melted puddles in the entrance.

For this kind of floor terror, laminate or vinyl flooring is where it's at. Regardless of which of these kinds of flooring you lay, there are attractive patterns with a look and feel that is strikingly like wood, concrete or slate. Both laminate and vinyl are easy to clean and resistant to scratches and impacts. 

Both vinyl and laminate flooring work excellently with floor heating. Something gratefully welcomed by cold and tired feet in wet socks.

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