Installation tools for laminate flooring

Pergo original laminate flooring is well known for being easy to install. Naturally, we also have all the tools, accessories and kits you need to do the job with ease and to achieve the perfect results.

PGKIT Laminate Accessories Sealant PGKIT02A
Acrylic-based sealant for a beautiful finish of your floor, skirting boards or profiles. Dry in half an hour and fully cured after 24 hours. Available in 8 colours.
PGUDLMOI15 Laminate Accessories Moisturbloc Extreme PGUDLMOI15
Moisturbloc Extreme
The underlay with three times the moisture vapour resistance as traditional PE film. Can be installed on concrete floors with up to 95% relative humidity, making it ideal in basements and on concrete floors with high humidity. Moisturbloc Extreme™ makes it possible to install floors earlier during the construction of new homes.
PGUDLSCREEN34 Laminate Accessories PE Film PGUDLSCREEN34
PE Film
An underlay that protects flooring from moisture vapour rising up from a mineral or concrete subfloor. Useful lifetime 50 years.
PGGLUE290 Laminate Accessories Multiglue PGGLUE290
This multifunctional glue is specifically developed for all applications with the Pergo solutions. Ideal for installing wallbases and mouldings. Suitable for all materials and substrates. Hybrid polymer, cures quickly with very high final strength.
NETAPE50 Laminate Accessories Self-adhesive Tape NETAPE50
Self-adhesive Tape
Self-adhesive aluminium tape for underlays. For a complete moisture resistant installation of your underlay.
PGCLIPS15LM Laminate Accessories Wallbase Installation Kit PGCLIPS15LM
Wallbase Installation Kit
All wallbases are installed with an easy to use snap-in system where no nails or screws are visible. One installation kit is enough for 15 additional kit.
PGTOOL Laminate Accessories Laminate and Parquet Installation Set PGTOOL
Laminate and Parquet Installation Set
Laminate and Parquet Installation Set. Everything you need in one box. Contents tapping block, installation spacers in two sizes and pullbar.
PGSEAL500 Laminate Accessories Safeseal PGSEAL500
Used for floor areas that require extra protection against moisture. PVAc based.
NEFOAMSTRIP20 Laminate Accessories Expansion Joint Foam Strip 20x 1m (diameter 10mm) NEFOAMSTRIP20
Expansion Joint Foam Strip 20x 1m (diameter 10mm)
The PE foam expansion joint filler is to be used with the Hydrokit / Aqua Sealant and is a perfect solution in combination with the waterproof laminate ranges! In order to achieve the 10 year wet area warranty applicable on those ranges you must use the Hydrokit / Aqua Sealant and PE Foam as per the installation instructions.
PGRCINOX15 Laminate Accessories Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 15mm) PGRCINOX15
Radiator Cover Stainless Steel (diam. 15mm)
This stainless steel cover will elegantly finish off the joints around heating elements and pipes.