Beech flooring

Pergo has several varieties of laminate flooring with a beech design. Beech has a relatively homogeneous colour and creates a peaceful and harmonious impression. Our beech flooring has a realistic wood texture accentuated by a satin finish.

Our laminate flooring has exceptional durability and is designed to be used for many years without losing its attractive appearance. It has a protective coating that tolerates moisture and impact, and is available in several different surface textures which accentuate the feeling of real wood.

Areas of application

Beech is easy to split with an axe into plank-like boards, which meant that it was possible to use its wood even before sawing technology was well developed.

In the past, this wood was used mainly for fuel and for equipment that was exposed to water, such as boat keels and millwheels. Today, beech is used to make the textile modal, a type of rayon made of cellulose from beech. But it is primarily used to make furniture and – strangely enough – ice lolly sticks, for which it is particularly suitable thanks to the wood’s smooth characteristics, limited taste and odour, and because the planed wood does not splinter .

The very same qualities also make it especially suitable for flooring.

Deciduous trees

Beech trees are deciduous, which means their wood is economically valuable. The trunk of the beech tree has a smooth, light grey surface. Its large crown has bushy branches and a deep green colour, but in early spring its leaves are pale green and give off a special sheen when you walk around a beech wood.

“Guardian” trees

In Scandinavia, beech trees were often planted as “guardian” trees. In Swedish folklore the tree was associated with the happiness and prosperity of the family, and harming the tree or even taking its leaves was thought to bring misfortune and illness. People poured oil or milk over the tree roots before holy days to honour the tree.

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