Merbau flooring

Merbau wood comes from a tree called Intsia bijuga (also known as Ipil, Kwila or Merbau). It is very suitable for wood flooring because it is not only beautiful but also strong and solid.

Exotic dark reddish-brown wood

This exotic wood is orangey-brown when the tree is newly felled and ages to dark reddish-brown. In most cases, it is remarkably free of defects, although the colour can vary a lot between different boards. The wood contains small, golden mineral deposits, which makes it easy to spot the difference between merbau and other visually similar types of wood.

The wood is strong and robust and is often used for flooring, worktops, furniture, outdoor furniture, instruments and joinery. It is a species of the pea family and grows from East Africa to Southeast Asia and Australia. It can grow up to 40–60 metres high and its trunk has a diameter of up to 1–1.5 metres. Its bark and leaves have often been used in traditional medicine.

Classified as vulnerable

It is a beautiful type of wood, but the tree is classified globally by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) as vulnerable (VU), which means that the species is at great risk of becoming extinct in the wild in the medium-term. Its population has reduced by 20% in the last three generations, due to legal and illegal felling, as well as natural decline.

It also has a unique smell which can cause irritation and sneezing, and the wood can also cause a runny nose and skin allergies.

These are some of the reasons why Pergo only has merbau as laminate flooring. Our laminate flooring has a core of HDF and a décor layer printed with a crystal clear image of the beautiful merbau tree. Our merbau laminate flooring is available in classic board format and has a silky, smooth surface which creates a soft feeling, complemented by a semi-polished finish.

Superior durability and scratch resistance

Our laminate flooring has superior durability and scratch resistance and is designed to retain its elegant appearance year after year. Our flooring is also extremely moisture resistant. The surface protection of our new Sensation floors extends all the way into the bevels to create a fully sealed surface.

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