Can I use Pergo laminate flooring in my kitchen?

Absolutely! Pergo laminate flooring is the perfect choice for your kitchen. It is beautiful, scratch resistant and will last a lifetime.

Pergo Sensation laminate is also water-resistant. So you don't need to worry when accidently dropping a glass of water or even a kettle of soup. You can clean the mess with water and Pergo All-round Floor Cleaner.

Cleaning laminate flooring in the kitchen

The kitchen floor might be the most exposed to everyday wear and tear of all the rooms in your home. The tightly sealed TitanX™ surface prevents dirt from taking hold, making Pergo laminate floors easy to clean. Learn more on cleaning your laminate flooring.

Island counters

Island counters and heavy stone worktops typically prevent the floor from being able to move freely as the floor shrinks and expands. Therefore, always be sure to make a cut out around the legs of the counter or island, leaving enough expansion space. This also enables easier removal or replacement of the floor if ever needed.

When in doubt, contact us or your local Pergo dealer for expert advice.