Laying laminate flooring: How to install with slanted walls

Slanted walls can be a challenge when you’re installing your laminate flooring. These simple tips will make the task more easy.

    What do you need?
  • Bevel tool
  • Pen
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Jigsaw

It is easy to work with a slanted wall if you have a bevel tool. You use it to measure the angle of the wall in relation to how the boards should be placed. Once you have done this, tighten the screw to set the angle.

When measuring the length of the boards, remember that it looks better if the boards along the slanted wall are not all the same length. Otherwise they can look like steps on the floor. Instead, make sure all the pieces are different lengths to form a more attractive pattern.

Use spacers

When you have measured where to saw the boards, use your bevel tool to draw a line with a pen. Then saw along this line. When you lay the boards, remember to put spacers against the walls. Place them exactly where two boards click together. This keeps them firmly in place while you work.