What is laminate flooring? A life without scratches

Laminate floors are durable, easy to clean and reminiscent of a chameleon – yes, the lizard that changes colour and appearance to fit in anywhere. Because laminate floors are just like that.

Simply put, a laminate floor is a world full of possibilities. With laminate flooring, you can get the nice floor you want without all of the hassle of maintenance work. You can get a country wood floor, slate floor in many different colours, patterned floor and a floor that looks like concrete. You can choose between a whole 84 different décors – and with different surface textures that, for example, can give a laminate floor a rustic vintage look. Your imagination is virtually the only limit.

Much more floor that the eye can see

There are several reasons that a laminate floor is a perfect choice of flooring for the perpetual refurnisher who wants to avoid unsightly marks from the cabinet and the couch. For the family with playing children who love chalk and their mischievous dogs with dirty paws. And for anyone who prefers keeping their high-heels on at a party.

Laminate flooring consists of different layers that each contributes to the floor being able to handle these kinds of everyday and life challenges.

So if you have laminate floors, you don't have to cry over spilled milk and tap-dancing guests.

The floor is laid with a click

Laying clinkers, stone flooring and solid wood is both heavy and takes time. A laminate floor is easy to lay and it goes quickly. Pergo's laminate flooring is put together with a click, in three different possible ways. You can even redo the floor laying by lifting up the planks and moving them.

So what is a laminate floor actually? The answer must be beauty and freedom of choice in perfect symbiosis with simplicity.

Discover our laminate flooring.

  1. Superior durability and scratch resistance
  2. Crystal clear décor
  3. Excellent impact resistance
  4. Moisture-resistant HDF framework
  5. Lower stabilising layer