Now, I'm going to lay laminate flooring – what tools do I need?

When you are going to lay your new laminate flooring, you don't need to be a professional floor layer or own a multitude of tools.

  • Folding rule
  • Pen
  • Hammer
  • Fretsaw or panel saw
  • Set square and possibly
  • Drill
  • Gloves
  • Striking block
  • Spacers
  • Crow bar

With the click function, the tool list becomes short

In order for you to succeed in laying your laminate floor, you can manage with a few simple tools. Thanks to the click function of the floor, screws, nails and glue are not needed. Instead, the floors are laid floating and attach to each other through the click function. You also don't need any tools to put together the floor planks since there are three different ways of assembling them – which cover virtually all situations you will be faced with in floor laying.

Laying kit, all in one box

Pergo offers a laying kit: a box with virtually everything you need. It includes a striking block, spacers and a crow bar. Pergo also has an installation kit for skirting – as with the floor, the skirting is installed with a click function. This means that you avoid visible screws and nails and that it also becomes playfully easy to get the skirting up.

If you need to measure an extra time, make a small mark, give the striking block a push or get that angle right, it's also good to have a folding rule, pen, hammer and square on hand.

Laminate cutter and panel saw

If you need to saw a laminate plank, you can use a special laminate cutter. It is not electrically powered and there is also no dust when you use it. Therefore, it's perfect for use indoors.

You will need a fretsaw or panel saw during the installation. Choose a laminate sheet that is an extra fine wood sheet. You then minimise the risk that the floor chips when you saw.

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