Installing a beautiful Pergo floor is now faster and easier than ever. Our innovative PerfectFold™ 3.0 click system is available with Pergo laminate floors at all quality levels. Just click the planks together using the method that works best for you and you’ll be done in no time. There’s no risk of damaging them, either. Even if you want to reinstall some planks, PerfectFold™ 3.0 makes it easy to lift them up and put them down again whenever you need to.

No easier way than Pergo.

With three different ways to install planks, PerfectFold™ 3.0 makes installation perfectly simple:

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PDF Laminate

Three different ways to install planks

Pergo Laminate Installation Dropdown

Drop down

The ideal method for quickly installing a large area. Click the plank at the long side joint, slide it until it meets the end of the previously installed plank, and press down.

Pergo Installation Laminate Angle


The ideal method for installing the first row of planks. Click the planks together first at the short end, and then at the long sides.

Pergo Installation Laminate Horizontal

Insert horizontally - unique feature!

Pergo laminate floors can also be inserted horizontally, a unique feature compared to many other brands. This is very convenient in places where it is difficult or impossible to tilt the planks, such as when installing the last row of planks, or under door frames, radiators, etc.


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