How to be Sensational in high heels

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On 24 November, fashion blogger and lifestyle consultant Mrs. Murphy held a special workshop on “How to be sensational in high heels ” at the famous Rose Club in Stockholm.

According to Mrs. Murphy, self-proclaimed ‘Agent of Fabulousness’, learning how to walk elegantly in high heels is essential to a woman’s good health. That’s why she decided to organise her own two-hour workshop to share her knowledge.

The goal? To demonstrate how Pergo’s Sensation laminate can withstand the impact of high heels as well as spilled drinks, and still look stunning.

Like a real diva, the Pergo Sensation laminate held itself perfectly. Truly ‘Sensational ’!

Sensational in Stockholm featuring Mrs. Murphy

Tip #1 Good Posture

Tip #2 Heel to toe

Tip #3 Move your hips

Tip #4 Own the space