Surfaces laminate flooring

Beauty beyond looks

There is more to a beautiful floor than meets the eye. That is why Pergo laminate floors not only look authentic, they feel that way too.

Our collections feature seven different surface textures that each serve to enhance the authentic impression of your laminate floor. From the well-worn vintage look to the natural feeling of wood grains. To allow more finetuning of your interior design, our surface structures are also available in different levels of gloss. No matter what style you’re looking for, Pergo floors provide a sophisticated way to bring out even more of the character you want for your home.

Wood surface

A fine and realistic wood texture, which highlights any kind of wood decor from light to dark wood species. Available in different gloss levels.


Smooth surface

A silky, smooth surface for a softer touch and modern look. Available in different gloss levels.


Genuine wood surface

Genuine wood
subtle wood structure which follows the wood grain in every detail, an effect that is even more prominent in our Sensation floors. Available in different gloss levels.

Genuine rustic surface

Genuine rustic
A pronounced wood structure that follows the wood grain in every detail, which is highlighted even more in Pergo Sensation floors. Can have cracks, nuts and scraped effects.


Genuine sawcut surface

Genuine sawcut
Realistic wood structure with a saw effect.


Genuine stone surface

Genuine stone
A life-like impression that follows the structure of real stone tiles.

Antique wood surface

Antique wood
A rustic texture with a vintage feeling.