Nordic Pine, plank
Classic Plank | L0101-01810

Nordic Pine is a rustic looking laminate floor in classic plank length. This floor has the texture of a fine, realistic wood surface, accentuated by a matt finish. Our publicExtreme quality level is ideal for use in high-wear and public areas.

Length: 1200 mm
Width: 190 mm
Thickness: 9 mm
m²/pack: 1.368
Planks/pack: 6
Warranty (pdf, 270kb)
Warranty (pdf, 270kb)
Floor heating (pdf, 194kb)
DOP (pdf, 37kb)
DOP (pdf, 38kb)
Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 652kb)
Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 261kb)
Technical Data Sheet (pdf, 254kb)

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