Should I choose a vinyl floor or carpet?

Are you considering installing a new floor in the playroom or bedroom? Then, it might be nice with a floor that is both practical and soft. Both vinyl flooring and carpet are pleasant to walk on. These floors are also easier on small children who don't always have the best balance.

What advantages and disadvantages are there with carpet and vinyl flooring?

Both carpet and vinyl flooring provide very good sound reduction – simply because the materials do not reflect sound. Something that is practical in a playroom with high noise levels and in bedrooms where you want as soft a noise environment as possible. It is also especially good when the bedroom or playroom are upstairs. Vinyl flooring and carpet offer basically equivalent noise reduction: you get the same effect regardless of whether you choose carpet or vinyl.

Vinyl flooring more practical than carpet

Vinyl flooring is better than carpet in many other respects, however. Vinyl flooring works excellently with floor heating, it is antibacterial, easy to care for and dirt-resistant. Just to name a few advantages. That it is easier to clean and fix are another two major pluses. While a carpet can soak up spills, the vinyl floor can easily be wiped off. When your child has pounded the tip of the felt-tip pen in the floor a few times too many, vinyl flooring is also preferable. Vinyl flooring from Pergo is easily fixed since only the planks or plates that are broken or defect are replaced. With a carpet, however, you most often have to replace the entire carpet.

If you know that the kids will be playing with chalk and paint, that bottles of formula will end up on the floor and that your child might forget to go to the potty – then we strongly recommend that you install a vinyl floor. You get all the soft advantages that a carpet can offer at the same time that you can clean the floor in just a few minutes. If you also have pets, it is significantly easier to vacuum up all hair, and a wet dog on a carpet is nothing we recommend.

Advantages of vinyl

  • Pleasant to walk on
  • Noise reducing
  • Works with floor heating
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Easy to repair

Discover our collection of vinyl flooring

  1. TitanV™ surface layer that protects against scratches, stains and wear
  2. Detailed décor layer
  3. Very strong and impact resistant vinyl core
  4. Extra stabilising layer with glass fibre
  5. Extra impact resistant vinyl layer