What is vinyl flooring? Attractive technology for a vibrant home

Vinyl flooring is so much more than meets the eye. Put simply, it is a durable floor that is easy to clean. But you also have many attractive décors to choose from and you can lay the floor with a simple "click".

In environments subjected to a little extra wear and tear, a durable and easy-to-clean floor is very important. The kitchen is a prime example. It is not uncommon for water to be spilled in cooking and dishwashing. Add to this all of the milk glasses that tip over from the dinner table and the cous-cous that spreads with the speed of light. Then there are the chairs that are pulled in and out, over and over again. Vinyl floors are developed to handle such an environment brilliantly.

A good vinyl floor should be able to withstand impacts and water, be fireproof, sound reducing and durable. This demands a well-conceived technology. Vinyl flooring of high quality consists of five layers, each of which play an important role.

How the vinyl floor is structured

Pergo's vinyl flooring is delivered as planks and can be laid with a simple "click" just like laminate and parquet flooring. We begin from below with the first layer that is an extra impact resistant vinyl layer. It protects the floor from damage by heavy furniture and those fruit bowls that you happen to drop on the floor. Then comes the second layer with an extra stabilising layer of glass fibre. In the middle is a strong and durable vinyl core. Then comes the attractive layer – the décor, the one that means the vinyl floor can look like a warm and beautiful wood floor or a tough black slate floor. Last – but not least – Pergo adds a protective surface layer, TitanV™. Now you have a floor that can take many shapes, a floor that handles strains from children, dogs and adults and that also looks just as attractive year after year.

Discover our vinyl flooring

  1. TitanV™ surface layer that protects against scratches, stains and wear
  2. Detailed décor layer
  3. Very strong and impact resistant vinyl core
  4. Extra stabilising layer with glass fibre
  5. Extra impact resistant vinyl layer