Now, I'm going to lay my vinyl flooring – what tools do I need?

When you are going to lay your new vinyl flooring you don't need to be a professional floor layer or own a whole arsenal of tools.

  • Measurement tools
  • Protective goggles
  • String
  • Gloves
  • Pen
  • Knife
  • tie rod
  • Set square

With the click function, the tool list becomes short

In order for you to succeed in laying your vinyl floor, you can manage with a few simple tools. Thanks to the click function of the floor, screws, nails and glue are not needed. Instead, the floors are laid floating and attach to each other through the click function. You also don't need any tools to put together the floor planks since there are three different ways of assembling them – which cover virtually all situations you will be faced with in floor laying.

For vinyl, a knife is enough

If you are going to lay vinyl flooring, you only need a concave knife or a cross-cut saw. Pergo's cutting knife is a stable knife for precision cutting and is also excellent to cut round shapes.

When you use the knife, there is no dust, which means that you can do all work indoor without having to do major cleaning afterwards. To cut a vinyl plank, you should mark the line and use the knife to make a notch in the surface. Then you break the plank. The décor side should be upwards.

Glue your vinyl floor

Besides the knife, Pergo has an installation tool for laminate flooring that helps you cut straight and at 90 degrees. The installation tool has finger protection with a crow bar and an evening function. Of course, the tool is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users.

If you want to glue your vinyl floor – which is recommended with floor heating – Pergo has glue that is especially developed for Pergo's vinyl flooring. It is easily distributed and provides a guaranteed fast attachment and the highest strength. You can also finish the installation with Pergo's jointing mastic that is in eight different colours.

If you need to measure an extra time or make a small mark, it is good to also have a folding rule and a pen on hand. Remember that you should not use a striking block when you install a vinyl floor from Pergo.

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