Ash flooring – the noble hardwood

Ash is a broad leaf tree with a wood that is hard, tough and easy to bend. Qualities that make it excellent for parquet floors. With the ash's light colours, the parquet also gives the room that fresh Scandinavian feeling.

The light ash parquet

Ash flooring is returning to several of Pergo's collections where the ash's light nature is preserved. There are otherwise many variations between the different collections. You can choose between both large and small knots, various degrees of colour variations in the wood and also get everything from 1-strip planks to 3-strip planks. In addition to this, there are of course many choices to make when it comes to the structure and finish of the floor. Just light for the oak parquet, you can get ash parquet with bevelled edges, various brushing depths and visible saw marks. All so you can find the right style for your home.

A protected surface for a long life

All of Pergo's floors last a lifetime. Thanks to the extensive surface treatment, you don't have to hesitate in choosing a light ash parquet. You can feel secure in the knowledge that it will handle daily challenges and festive occasions. All of Pergo's wood floors have a protective surface treatment – either with seven layer UV hardened water-based varnish or also with high-quality oil. The treatments provide maximal protection and facilitate the cleaning. In addition to the protective surface, the parquet floors have an advanced frame of spruce or pine that absorbs the impacts and strains the floor is exposed to. It guarantees that the parquet floor will always maintain its stability.

Since the parquet floor is finished when it is delivered to your home, you don't need to wait, but rather can walk on it as soon as its in place.

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