Can I lay floor heating under a wood floor?

Wood flooring is the most popular choice of flooring in Sweden. Today, the alternatives for various parquet floors are virtually infinite. There is a wood floor for everyone. And what could be better than a beautiful wood floor that is heated by a pleasant floor heating.

Three main types of wood flooring

There are veneer floors, parquet floors and solid wood floors. All wood floors move more or less. They expand when it is humid and contract when it is dry. If you have laid a solid wood floor, you can get large gaps between the planks with a little bad luck. Parquet flooring, which is made of three layers of wood where the wood fibres run in different directions, is not at all affected to the same extent by dry or humid air as solid wood flooring.

Floor heating is an energy-conscience choice

Floor heating provides a comfortable heating without radiators – a dream for the interior designer and the architect. You can also set the temperature lower and still have a pleasant indoor temperature. However, different flooring materials conduct the heat more or less. Many of us prefer a beautiful wood floor. And just like all other flooring materials, wood floors get cold in the winter and force us to put on our slippers – if we don't have floor heating.

Solid wood is a worse heat conductor

Floor heating works so that it heats the underside of the floor. The heating is then conducted through the material and ultimately heats our feet and the rest of the room. But this does not work so well will solid wood floors. These floors are not thin enough, which makes it difficult for the heat to penetrate. If you increase the power of the floor heating, it can cause more harm than good. Therefore, combining floor heating with thick wood floors is not a good option.

Can I lay a wood floor on floor heating?

Absolutely! In contrast to solid wood flooring, parquet is a wood floor thin enough to be able to conduct the heat on out into the house. By choosing parquet, you can get the best of two worlds: a beautiful wood floor and a warm home without radiators. Parquet – or engineered parquet – is also more stable and therefore less sensitive to expansion and contraction.

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