What is wood flooring? Living material that offers a cosy feel

Wood flooring – or parquet as it is also known – is always popular. Not so strange as it is a flooring material that provides a warm, cosy feel. The wood floor is also attractive year after year and always keeps its style.

But one might think that a plank is just a plank. The tree is felled, the plank sawn and everything is great. But that's not really the case. Wood is namely affected by moisture – when it is dry, it shrinks and when it is moist, it begins to swell. Which means that a wood floor can move.

Wood flooring in three layers

There is of course a simple and elegant solution to the problem. By building up wood floors in three layers, where each layer is laid so that the fibres run in different directions, it significantly reduces the risk that the material swells. You then avoid large gaps where both food and dirt easily gathers.

If you have had a wood floor before, you surely also know that it can be difficult to keep it clean and avoid scratches. Wood is soft and attracts liquid – even hard woods may have difficulty withstanding high heels and colourful drinks. Of course, there is a solution for this as well.

Wood flooring that survives life

By choosing a wood floor that is correctly treated, you get a floor that withstands all the challenges of everyday life. If the floor could speak, we probably would have heard a thing or two about how badly we treat them. Pergo therefore lays seven layers of UV-hardened water-based varnish or high-quality oil on its wood flooring. It should both protect and make cleaning easier. If an accident should nonetheless happen and you get a mark that cannot be washed off, the wood floor can be sanded up to two or three times. If those small accidental marks don't contribute to the beautiful patina of course.

Discover our wood flooring

  1. Protective surface treatment
    Seven layers of UV-hardened water-based varnish or high-quality oil that provides maximal protection and makes cleaning easier
  2. Wearing course
    A carefully chosen layer of wood (2.5 or at least 3.2 mm) that can be sanded 2 – 3 times
  3. Advanced framework
    The framework absorbs blows and strains that the floor is subjected to, and guarantees that it always keeps its stability
  4. Balanced back side
    The lower layer is made of ecologically certified wood and helps to provide every board a perfect balance